Another Month, Another Cocktail

Synesthesia Alphabet

For me, 6’s are yellow, K’s are pink, and Mondays are green. I also recently decided that August is the month best suited to mojitos.

In a psychology class I learned that people with grapheme-color synesthesia perceive individual units of written material as being associated with a certain color. This sounded just like me, but I didn’t know whether the colors I saw were mere whims or permanent mainstays of my mind. I formed two lists, thirty days apart, writing down the colors I associated with every letter and numerical digit. I compared the lists later and saw that the colors lined up exactly.

I tend to have either no interest in a subject or all the interest in the world. I became utterly obsessed with synesthesia, though I shared my passion with no one, as I thought it would be too weird and self-indulgent for anyone to understand. I colored in a Synesthesia Alphabet and invented a Synesthesia Calendar with the dates written in the correct colors. My months have always had colors as well, but I had heard of other synesthetes’ months having distinct personalities. I decided to craft ones of my own. I made lists of things that interested me: Greek gods, fantasy worlds, colors, fictional characters, meals, and more. I assigned the items in each list to the months I felt fit them best, say, Artemis to October and Apollo to June. The months’ personalities slowly took form.

As part of my obsession with the months, I assigned an alcoholic beverage to each one and made sure to imbibe accordingly. Having a Bloody Mary to celebrate the first of June was divine. And a gin martini with lemon in April? Nothing better. I felt like I had stumbled upon a peculiar form of mindfulness, that is, appreciating the present moment.

Mindfulness is especially challenging for me in February. To be mindful in February is to appreciate the terrible things that make it so februaryish: frosty winds making moan and earth standing hard as iron. Its bleakness is very difficult to accept, especially when I want it to be April when the trees are in bloom and the gray snow lining the streets has melted away.

And yet I see my Synesthesia Alphabet as perfect, even when the colors are ugly. I have already  accepted that the teal color of Y is very whyish. The pale green of L is very ellish, just as short days and sleet are very februaryish. When I accept the februaryish qualities of February the same way I accept my T’s teeish red and Thursday’s thursdayish violet, I feel more mindful and therefore more content.

Try inventing your own sort of synesthesia to see what “fits” the time you are in. I’ll raise my ginger tea to whatever drink, alcoholic or not, you deem most februaryish.

10 thoughts on “Another Month, Another Cocktail

  1. Reblogged this on Exploring Alura and commented:
    My Ginger Tea = WEED = “MY” Not Low


    For he carries the key to my heart. A FREE Bag of WEED and a pill or two to snort the pain away. It always comes when I ask.

    For I decided what was “BEST” for “ME”.

    And I need my friend back who never pushed my boundaries but always took what I was willing to offer. And he never wanted to hurt anyone. He just wanted to control me. Just help.

    Ever heard of the name “LEEROY JENKINS”? That’s my friend “Lee” or Leanna Victoria. “Victorias LEE”. She carries the key to my heart in the form of friendship. What a beautiful angel she truly is.

    I love you “LEE”. Would Leanna be Leo the Lion? The friend who carried me on her back because my light kept burning up the damn flame holder?

    I would accept that. She is amazing. And so loving. She was my best friend and supported me through time and space. Thank you “LE-ANNE-EL”

    “The angel of time” Plain and simple.

    Don’t you trust me yet?


  2. Oh my goodness, I reblogged this post when I was in the midst of the incoherent babble of a manic episode. I sincerely apologize for the utter gibberish I was letting loose on your page, I had no idea it would make no sense to the anyone but myself. Feel free to delete the comment.

    As for the synesthesia, when I first had my breakdown I was hospitalized with a lovely young lady who experienced the world in a similar way. She told me when I talked she heard pink and when her doctor laughed she felt purple. It truly was interesting to hear her describe the world in such a different but entirely relatable way.

    I wish I could sit down for hours with your synethestic mind. I could talk to you for hours to learn your world all to get a glimpse of what it might be like to live with your vision. For my world is black and white with shades that I choose to describe. I don’t feel color or make connections between subjects in such a beautiful way. Your mind truly intrigues me. I consider myself an artist and yours the eyes/mind I would wish to paint the world with.


    • Haha, I was definitely confused by what you wrote earlier, but I only delete comments from spambots, so I left it there. No worries, though. Thanks for letting me know.
      And thank you for your comment. I always enjoy them as they are both thoughtful and kind.


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