Scriptiuncula II

I like to do strange things with my writing.

Once you know what it is, you’ll understand why I’m brave enough to post this.

After a polished and ready to go, I want to reward myself with a laugh. How do I do it? Well, I copied the whole piece into Then, my first trip to China, and then back to English translation. Terrible translation always makes me laugh.

You can tell, that’s what I’ve done to this post?

Try it yourself. I hope you find it interesting, because I do.

23 thoughts on “Scriptiuncula II

  1. Stop goofing off young man and get back to writing. LOL I love it when you read directions for putting a piece of flat pack furniture together. Sometimes, I think whoever whoever did the translation from Chinese, should consider being a stand up comedian.

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  2. It’s even more fun if you let Google translate your English into Chines, the Chinese into Japanese, the Japanese into Russian, the Russian into … whatever you like and THEN back into English!


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