Scriptiuncula III

This is an experimental blog post. I am not allowing myself to hit the backspace, and I am only allowed to brainstorm in my head, not on paper. This means everything I say is very deliberate. No second drafts for me. If I make a mistake, then that’s that. I actually think this is how childtren write – slowly and thoughtfully and deliberately. They are not too familiar with second drafts, after all. It would be interesting to write a short story thi way – I feel more cognitive, more in control. I made some errors, but I did it justice, I.

The concept of scriptiuncula is explained here.

5 thoughts on “Scriptiuncula III

  1. It’s a double edged sword, isn’t it? You want to write and speak and live just as it comes. Yet in two dimensional worlds like texting and writing, your words are everything, and if you are misunderstood, it is because of those same words. No clarification, no explanation. A great experiment.


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